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Perils of Poor Editing: Part Three

Posted by on Mar 17, 2019 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

As a writer, you can never undertake too many checks before your work is finally released to the public. Cut out a few steps of the revision process and you could very well live to regret it. Here are some more newspaper headlines that should have been corrected prior to publication. Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over Let’s hope this isn’t in full view of the zoo’s visitors. Juvenile Court to Try Shooting Defendant This seems to be a rather drastic course of action. War Dims Hope for Peace Now who would have...

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What’s it all about? An excerpt from The Working Writer’s Guide

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“A great resource for beginning and established writers.”   Introduction Misconceptions are common regarding published authors. People think either that all authors earn millions or that it’s impossible to make a living as a writer. While some writers are financially successful with their e-books, success stories are rare, at least for now, and only a handful of authors make serious money from e-books. Misconceptions also abound regarding authors who write for children. Books for younger readers are often mistakenly considered...

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Book Signing at Indigo Signal Hill, March 16

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This Saturday, I’ll be at Indigo at Signal Hill in Calgary from noon to 5 pm. I’ll be signing copies of The Alchemist’s Portrait, The Sorcerer’s Letterbox, The Clone Conspiracy, The Emerald Curse, The Heretic’s Tomb, The Doomsday Mask, The Time Camera, The Sphere of Septimus, Flashback, Twisted Fate, Parallel Destiny, and Future Imperfect. Indigo is located at 5570 Signal Hill Centre SW in Calgary. Hope to see you...

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What’s it all about? An excerpt from The Children’s Writer’s Guide

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  “This is by far the best book I have picked up to help me kick start my writing!” Chapter Four: Where Do Ideas Come From One of the most common questions asked of authors, whether from children during school visits or in interviews, is “Where do you get your ideas?” In so many ways, ideas are all around us – in newspapers, magazines, pictures, photographs, other books whether fiction or non-fiction, television, movies, even video games. History can be a constant source of inspiration for writers, but so are personal...

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Playwriting Camp in Calgary in July

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PlayWriting Camp will take place once again with Cassa Musical Arts this July. The 2019 PlayWriting camp runs from July 15 to 19 at St. Vladimir’s Cultural Centre, 404 Meredith Road NE (Near Memorial Drive and Edmonton Trail), Calgary, Alberta. In a dramatic and fun-filled week of half day camps, children will learn how to write, rehearse and perform their own unique play in just five days. Children will create the plot, craft the script, write dialogue and hone their acting skills for their very own dramatic production, which will then...

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“This is a great book for kids who like both fantasy and history.”

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The Sorcerer’s Letterbox In a hidden drawer in the base of an old wooden box, Jack discovers a letter from a boy calling himself Edward. Penning a reply, Jack is astonished to be corresponding through time with the boy king Edward V, one of the famous Princes in the Tower, murdered by King Richard III. Travelling back in time, Jack attempts to rescue Edward V and his brother from their fate, but is soon fighting for his life in the terrifying London of 1483. The Sorcerer’s Letterbox received great reviews when it was first published...

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Perils of Poor Editing: Part Two

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Writers should always check their work before publishing their novel, short story or article. This is equally important for journalists, especially those composing the attention-grabbing headlines for news stories. Here’s a collection of newspaper headlines that could certainly have used a little more attention to detail prior to publication. Cannabis Smuggling by Troops. Investigation by Joint Chiefs These people would seem to be an ideal choice to handle the case. Strip Club Shock – Magistrates May Act on Indecent Shows This...

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The Many Benefits of a Writing Coach

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A professional writing coach is someone with whom you can consult, ask questions and receive constructive feedback. They act as a guide as you build your career as a professional writer. A coach can help you conquer a stumbling block, regain momentum or make a start on a new project. My program helps you progress as a writer. You decide what you want to work on during a personalized, one on one relationship. I can be your coach for just one month or we can establish a month-to-month arrangement, depending on your schedule and...

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“Rose has done a magnificent job with this fast paced medical science mystery.”

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The Clone Conspiracy At the dawn of the twenty-first century, nervous governments around the world reacted quickly to pass legislation banning human cloning. Panicked as technology rapidly advanced, they didn’t realize that the genetic genie had already escaped from the bottle. When Luke’s best friend Patrick vanishes and the police quickly close the case, Luke is determined to uncover the truth. Tantalizing clues lead Luke and Patrick’s sister Emma to LennoxGen, where they stumble across a shocking international conspiracy with...

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Perils of Poor Editing: Part One

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For writers, it’s vital to examine your work in detail many times before you submit your work to publishers or upload the text of your ebook to an online bookstore. Even if you’ve checked the text a hundred times, you might still find errors that need to be addressed.  Good editing and revision is very important and yet many new writers often overlook these crucial steps in the creative writing process. However, even the most experienced writers and journalists can still make embarrassing mistakes. Here are just a few classic...

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