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Seeing the Light: Writers and Seasonal Affective Disorder – Part Three

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So how does SAD affect writers? Are those in Canada, the northern USA, and Scandinavia less prolific in the winter months? Does the cloud cover in Vancouver or in Britain reduce the amount of literary work originating in those areas? Do American writers in Florida create more prose between October and April than their counterparts in Minnesota?  Is a writer in Australia or South Africa more likely to produce a larger body of work because he or she has more sunlight? Many of us may prefer to escape to a sunnier environment each winter if...

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Seeing the Light: Writers and Seasonal Affective Disorder – Part Two

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Seasonal Affective Disorder is primarily a mood disorder, with sufferers experiencing normal mental health throughout the year, but becoming depressed or generally more down in the winter months. Seasonal variations in a person’s mood may be related to light, or rather the lack of it.  SAD is often more prevalent in higher latitudes and in Finland, for example, the rate for SAD is close to 10%. Winter depression is a common slump in the mood of the inhabitants of Scandinavia. Researchers estimate that up to 20% of the population is...

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Seeing the Light: Writers and Seasonal Affective Disorder – Part One

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At this time of year, many people in the northern hemisphere notice that its getting a little colder each day and it gets darker much earlier, especially after we alter the clocks for daylight saving time. Many of us develop cabin fever and grow sluggish during the winter months and may eat more or sleep longer when daylight is in short supply and the temperature begins to fall. It may be harder to get out of bed or for some people to even generate much enthusiasm each morning. These are common experiences related to the change in the...

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“Rose has done a magnificent job with this fast paced medical science mystery.”

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The Clone Conspiracy At the dawn of the twenty-first century, nervous governments around the world reacted quickly to pass legislation banning human cloning. Panicked as technology rapidly advanced, they didn’t realize that the genetic genie had already escaped from the bottle. When Luke’s best friend Patrick vanishes and the police quickly close the case, Luke is determined to uncover the truth. Tantalizing clues lead Luke and Patrick’s sister Emma to LennoxGen, where they stumble across a shocking international conspiracy with...

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“The Emerald Curse is a very well written and appealing adventure book. Highly recommended.”

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The Emerald Curse Charles Kelly was the world’s greatest comic book artist, until he disappeared without a trace. Two years later, his grandson Sam discovers a mysterious pen in Kelly’s attic studio. Sam is soon propelled into a bizarre dimension, where super villains are all powerful and disturbingly real, and finds himself in a deadly confrontation with an evil entity, imprisoned inside a mystical gemstone since the dawn of time. The Emerald Curse received great reviews when it was first published and remains a favourite with young...

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“The Heretic’s Tomb is a fast-paced tale of intrigue, sorcery and adventure, set in a fascinating period of history.”

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The Heretic’s Tomb While exploring a medieval archaeological site containing the ruins of an ancient English abbey, Annie discovers the long-forgotten tomb of Lady Isabella Devereaux, who had been condemned to death as a heretic in 1349. When Annie curiously examines a mysterious amulet she finds in the tomb, she is suddenly sent hurtling back to the Middle Ages, encountering sorcery, treachery, treason and the ghastly horrors of the Black Death. The Heretic’s Tomb received great reviews when it was first published and remains a...

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“I think this might be my favourite book ever!”

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The Time Camera The massive explosion in which Eleanor Chamberlain died at her research laboratory was widely seen as a tragic accident. Or was it the perfect crime? Two years later, Jake and Lydia discover a mysterious camera, capable of taking pictures of the distant past and more ominously, of the future. As they uncover the shocking truth and learn of secrets that someone will kill to protect, Jake and Lydia are soon propelled into a deadly struggle to save the future. The Time Camera received great reviews when it was first published and...

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Author Visits Part Four – Study Guides and Classroom Resources

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Some authors offer study guides for teachers to download from their website or to purchase, for use either before a visit or just as an ongoing teaching resource. These guides often have exercises connected to certain chapters or episodes in the novel, worksheets about specific characters, or may describe potential projects related to the subject matter of the author’s books. There are study guides for all my novels in Where Do Ideas Come From? The book examines how The Alchemist’s Portrait, The Sorcerer’s Letterbox, The Clone...

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The Many Benefits of a Writing Coach

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A professional writing coach is someone with whom you can consult, ask questions and receive constructive feedback. They act as a guide as you build your career as a professional writer. A coach can help you conquer a stumbling block, regain momentum or make a start on a new project. My program helps you progress as a writer. You decide what you want to work on during a personalized, one on one relationship. I can be your coach for just one month or we can establish a month-to-month arrangement, depending on your schedule and...

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Author Visits Part Five – Virtual Author Visits

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Children are almost always inspired when they meet a real author or illustrator, but it may not always be possible to have an author visit your school. However, why not put technology to work for you? Now you can arrange a virtual author visit via video using Skype. These can be conducted with large groups in a library or gym or with individual classes. You can get an idea of what a virtual visit looks like by viewing my videos in which I talk about my books, my workshops for adults and schools, plus my various services for writers. To host...

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