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“The Emerald Curse is a very well written and appealing adventure book. Highly recommended.”

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The Emerald Curse Charles Kelly was the world’s greatest comic book artist, until he disappeared without a trace. Two years later, his grandson Sam discovers a mysterious pen in Kelly’s attic studio. Sam is soon propelled into a bizarre dimension, where super villains are all powerful and disturbingly real, and finds himself in a deadly confrontation with an evil entity, imprisoned inside a mystical gemstone since the dawn of time. The Emerald Curse received great reviews when it was first published and remains a favourite with young...

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What’s it all about? An excerpt from The Time Traveller’s Guide

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“The Time Traveler’s Guide is a great resource for any writer wanting to improve their craft.”   Chapter One: What is time travel? Time travel is defined as taking place when there is movement between specific points in time. This is achieved in the same way that objects and living things move through space. In fiction, this kind of travel is made possible by the use of a time machine, device, or method. While nothing is carved in stone, I tend to think that time travel involving machinery or some kind of technology should be...

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Learn How to Write Great Stories for Children and Young Adults 

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The Writing for Children and Young Adults course focuses on writing for children aged 8 to 14 years. However some of the material also covers older and younger age groups. Learn how to write effective, authentic, and appealing fiction for children and young adults and how to turn your ideas into compelling stories. The course explores the writing process from initial concept to finished work including story structure, developing plausible characters and dialogue, the creation of outlines and the importance of research, editing and...

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Learn How to Write Effective and Compelling Historical Fiction

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Historical fiction combines the events of the past with characters and stories from the writer’s imagination. This course examines the art of writing historical fiction and the need to fully immerse yourself in a particular time period to make your storytelling more believable. Learn how to write effective, authentic and appealing historical fiction and how to turn your ideas into compelling stories. Understand what defines historical fiction and different historical time periods, create believable settings and plausible characters and learn...

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What’s it all about? An excerpt from The Working Writer’s Guide

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“A great resource for beginning and established writers.”   Introduction Misconceptions are common regarding published authors. People think either that all authors earn millions or that it’s impossible to make a living as a writer. While some writers are financially successful with their e-books, success stories are rare, at least for now, and only a handful of authors make serious money from e-books. Misconceptions also abound regarding authors who write for children. Books for younger readers are often mistakenly considered...

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Editing Projects

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I’ve provided substantive and copy editing services for many other writers over the years. The editing projects have included novels, short stories, fiction, nonfiction, biographies, inspirational books, and many other genres. The editing projects have involved a comprehensive content assessment, including comments and suggestions regarding characterization, setting, dialogue, believability, structure, plot, and language, in addition to corrections to grammar, spelling, punctuation and many other details that writers are sometimes...

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Copywriting for Business

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I offer a number of writer services for business. The way in which you communicate with your customers is a vital component of your business and well written content can be the difference between success and failure. I have extensive experience in writing for a wide range of industries and market segments and offer a variety of copywriting services including website content, blogs and newsletters, social media including Facebook and Twitter, brochures, direct mail, sales letters, press releases, newspaper and magazine advertising and...

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The Princes in the Tower 1483

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The Princes In The Tower 1483 is a movie based on the events surrounding the disappearance of the young king, Edward V, and his younger brother, Richard, Duke of York, from the Tower of London in 1483.  Their uncle seized the crown for himself as Richard III and is widely suspected as being responsible for the murder of the princes. Richard III was himself killed only two years later at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 and was succeeded as king by Henry VII, who founded the Tudor dynasty.  After the death of Richard III, there were...

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The Brutal Death of Richard III

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Richard III of course appears in The Sorcerer’s Letterbox, based on the well-known mystery of the Princes in the Tower. A forensic study on the bones of the monarch reveals that he died a brutal death at the hands of his enemies. Everyone knows that medieval warfare was a very violent and vicious business, but the report is still very enlightening. It also fits in with contemporary stories of the king’s death. To some degree it also fits with Shakespeare’s play. Although the playwright’s  account of the king and his...

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“The Doomsday Mask is a thrilling page-gripper of a mystery.”

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The Doomsday Mask The legendary crystal ceremonial mask of Kulkaan, high priest of Atlantis, was believed to have been endowed with incredible powers. In the ancient civilization’s destruction, the mask was thought to have been shattered and irretrievably lost, eventually being forgotten. Long considered to be a mere myth, the mask’s crystal fragments have now been found and the mask of Kulkaan reassembled, with deadly consequences for all mankind. In a desperate race against time, Josh and Erica must prevent the mask from falling intact...

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