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What’s it all about? Sources of inspiration for the Shadowzone series

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The Shadowzone series involves the discovery of a grim dystopian version of Earth that’s ruled by a totalitarian dictatorship called the Ministry, the threat of a deadly virus, and a race against time to save the lives of millions. Here’s a synopsis for each of the novels. Shadowzone  While watching intense flashes of lightning during a violent storm, Ben experiences mysterious and disturbing visions of another world, one very different from his own. In the chain of events that follow, Ben encounters Charlie, a girl from a dark version...

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Copywriting for Business

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I offer a number of writer services for business. The way in which you communicate with your customers is a vital component of your business and well written content can be the difference between success and failure. I have extensive experience in writing for a wide range of industries and market segments and offer a variety of copywriting services including website content, blogs and newsletters, social media including Facebook and Twitter, brochures, direct mail, sales letters, press releases, newspaper and magazine advertising and...

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Editing Projects

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I’ve provided substantive and copy editing services for many other writers over the years. The editing projects have included novels, short stories, fiction, nonfiction, biographies, inspirational books, and many other genres. The editing projects have involved a comprehensive content assessment, including comments and suggestions regarding characterization, setting, dialogue, believability, structure, plot, and language, in addition to corrections to grammar, spelling, punctuation and many other details that writers are sometimes...

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Great Online Workshops for Kids

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Check out these great online workshops for children and young adults. Many children are very interested in writing stories, but often need help to channel their writing ability and encourage them to move forward with their projects. Professional advice about writing, editing, and revision can encourage a person’s creativity, whatever form that creativity may take.   These online workshops are conducted using email assignments. After emailing me your first completed assignment, this will be returned with comments, suggestions, and...

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“The Heretic’s Tomb is a fast-paced tale of intrigue, sorcery and adventure, set in a fascinating period of history.”

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The Heretic’s Tomb While exploring a medieval archaeological site containing the ruins of an ancient English abbey, Annie discovers the long-forgotten tomb of Lady Isabella Devereaux, who had been condemned to death as a heretic in 1349. When Annie curiously examines a mysterious amulet she finds in the tomb, she is suddenly sent hurtling back to the Middle Ages, encountering sorcery, treachery, treason and the ghastly horrors of the Black Death. The Heretic’s Tomb received great reviews when it was first published and remains a...

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Learn How to Write Effective and Compelling Historical Fiction

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Historical fiction combines the events of the past with characters and stories from the writer’s imagination. This course examines the art of writing historical fiction and the need to fully immerse yourself in a particular time period to make your storytelling more believable. Learn how to write effective, authentic and appealing historical fiction and how to turn your ideas into compelling stories. Understand what defines historical fiction and different historical time periods, create believable settings and plausible characters and learn...

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Learn How to Write Great Stories for Children and Young Adults 

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The Writing for Children and Young Adults course focuses on writing for children aged 8 to 14 years. However some of the material also covers older and younger age groups. Learn how to write effective, authentic, and appealing fiction for children and young adults and how to turn your ideas into compelling stories. The course explores the writing process from initial concept to finished work including story structure, developing plausible characters and dialogue, the creation of outlines and the importance of research, editing and...

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“This is a great book for kids who like both fantasy and history.”

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The Sorcerer’s Letterbox In a hidden drawer in the base of an old wooden box, Jack discovers a letter from a boy calling himself Edward. Penning a reply, Jack is astonished to be corresponding through time with the boy king Edward V, one of the famous Princes in the Tower, murdered by King Richard III. Travelling back in time, Jack attempts to rescue Edward V and his brother from their fate, but is soon fighting for his life in the terrifying London of 1483. The Sorcerer’s Letterbox received great reviews when it was first published...

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“I think this might be my favourite book ever!”

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The Time Camera The massive explosion in which Eleanor Chamberlain died at her research laboratory was widely seen as a tragic accident. Or was it the perfect crime? Two years later, Jake and Lydia discover a mysterious camera, capable of taking pictures of the distant past and more ominously, of the future. As they uncover the shocking truth and learn of secrets that someone will kill to protect, Jake and Lydia are soon propelled into a deadly struggle to save the future. The Time Camera received great reviews when it was first published and...

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What’s it all about? Sources of inspiration for Flashback, Twisted Fate, and Parallel Destiny

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Flashback was published in 2015. It’s a paranormal mystery adventure for young adults featuring ghosts, psychics, and Project Mindstorm, a secret operation involving deadly mind control experiments, as Max investigates events concealed for over twenty years. The initial idea was one of the first that I had when I began my writing career but the novel took a while to develop to my satisfaction. In Flashback, Max, a fourteen-year old boy, experiences strange dreams and visions, which appear to be from someone else’s life. He also sees a...

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