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“The Emerald Curse is a very well written and appealing adventure book. Highly recommended.”

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The Emerald Curse Charles Kelly was the world’s greatest comic book artist, until he disappeared without a trace. Two years later, his grandson Sam discovers a mysterious pen in Kelly’s attic studio. Sam is soon propelled into a bizarre dimension, where super villains are all powerful and disturbingly real, and finds himself in a deadly confrontation with an evil entity, imprisoned inside a mystical gemstone since the dawn of time. The Emerald Curse received great reviews when it was first published and remains a favourite with young...

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Coaching and Consulting

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A professional writing coach is someone with whom you can consult, ask questions and receive constructive feedback. A professional specializing in coaching and consulting acts as a guide as you build your career as a professional writer. A coach can help you conquer a stumbling block, regain momentum or make a start on a new project. I’m a member of the Calgary Association of Freelance Editors and have served as the Writer-in-Residence with the Canadian Authors Association. Further details, along with numerous references and...

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The Brutal Death of Richard III

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Richard III of course appears in The Sorcerer’s Letterbox, based on the well-known mystery of the Princes in the Tower. A forensic study on the bones of the monarch reveals that he died a brutal death at the hands of his enemies. Everyone knows that medieval warfare was a very violent and vicious business, but the report is still very enlightening. It also fits in with contemporary stories of the king’s death. To some degree it also fits with Shakespeare’s play. Although the playwright’s  account of the king and his...

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What’s it all about? Sources of inspiration for The Alchemist’s Portrait.

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The cover illustration for The Alchemist’s Portrait was based on the Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife (1434) by Jan van Eyck. Another famous painting mentioned in the novel is The Laughing Cavalier by Frans Hals (1624), and the painting entitled Banquet of the Officers of the St Hadrian Civic Guard Company (c. 1627), also by Frans Hals, will give you a good impression of how people dressed in seventeenth century Amsterdam. One of the figures in the painting was also the inspiration for Nicolas van der Leyden, the villain...

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“The Heretic’s Tomb is a fast-paced tale of intrigue, sorcery and adventure, set in a fascinating period of history.”

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The Heretic’s Tomb While exploring a medieval archaeological site containing the ruins of an ancient English abbey, Annie discovers the long-forgotten tomb of Lady Isabella Devereaux, who had been condemned to death as a heretic in 1349. When Annie curiously examines a mysterious amulet she finds in the tomb, she is suddenly sent hurtling back to the Middle Ages, encountering sorcery, treachery, treason and the ghastly horrors of the Black Death. The Heretic’s Tomb received great reviews when it was first published and remains a...

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“I think this might be my favourite book ever!”

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The Time Camera The massive explosion in which Eleanor Chamberlain died at her research laboratory was widely seen as a tragic accident. Or was it the perfect crime? Two years later, Jake and Lydia discover a mysterious camera, capable of taking pictures of the distant past and more ominously, of the future. As they uncover the shocking truth and learn of secrets that someone will kill to protect, Jake and Lydia are soon propelled into a deadly struggle to save the future. The Time Camera received great reviews when it was first published and...

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Perils of Poor Editing: Part Three

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As a writer, you can never undertake too many checks before your work is finally released to the public. Cut out a few steps of the revision process and you could very well live to regret it. Here are some more newspaper headlines that should have been corrected prior to publication. Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over Let’s hope this isn’t in full view of the zoo’s visitors. Juvenile Court to Try Shooting Defendant This seems to be a rather drastic course of action. War Dims Hope for Peace Now who would have...

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Perils of Poor Editing: Part Two

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Writers should always check their work before publishing their novel, short story or article. This is equally important for journalists, especially those composing the attention-grabbing headlines for news stories. Here’s a collection of newspaper headlines that could certainly have used a little more attention to detail prior to publication. Cannabis Smuggling by Troops. Investigation by Joint Chiefs These people would seem to be an ideal choice to handle the case. Strip Club Shock – Magistrates May Act on Indecent Shows This...

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Perils of Poor Editing: Part One

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For writers, it’s vital to examine your work in detail many times before you submit your work to publishers or upload the text of your ebook to an online bookstore. Even if you’ve checked the text a hundred times, you might still find errors that need to be addressed.  Good editing and revision is very important and yet many new writers often overlook these crucial steps in the creative writing process. However, even the most experienced writers and journalists can still make embarrassing mistakes. Here are just a few classic...

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“The Sphere of Septimus is an exciting story of fantasy and adventure.”

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The Sphere of Septimus Eric isn’t too happy when he has to spend the summer with his eccentric father, Septimus Trinket, in the backwater village of Middle Wogglehole, deep in the heart of rural Derbyshire. In the isolated village, however, things are not quite what they seem. Eric meets Jessica, who tells him of the legends and mysterious stories that have surrounded Middle Wogglehole for centuries. When they discover Septimus’ shocking secret, Eric and Jessica are soon fighting for their lives against the forces of evil, in a world very...

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